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Conner Brown – a Bitcoiner at Stanford Law School.

Instead of locking up useful resources to store wealth, Bitcoin gives humans the ability to store wealth free from the opportunity cost inherent in storing commodities. This global, permanent, and accessible store of wealth is forming a solid bedrock for future economies around the world.

13/05/19 07:17 -5
DeCenter – "Bitcoin and Blockchain" cryptocurrency news agency

Crypto-enthusiasts hid a riddle for 1 BTC in a cartoon about the opposition of bulls and hamsters "HAMSTERS VS BULLS". In the first series, the creators managed to shed light even on the origin of Satoshi Nakamoto.

13/05/19 07:13 -5
Fetch.AI. – Cambridge economic blockchain platform with internal cryptocurrency

Networking is an interesting problem because the Fetch.AI framework allows clients or peers (users and miners) to make RPC invocations to your node at any time.

10/05/19 08:43 -5
Binance – international cryptocurrency exchange

Binance must conduct a thorough security review after security incident. Withdrawals and deposits are closed during review. You can still trade.

10/05/19 06:40 -5
Ontology – a global blockchain network with the same token

As public blockchains, Ethereum and EOS are very much community-focused, which is all very well, but to realize real business applications they need a centralized force, a force not for control, but for promotion.

08/05/19 05:44 -5
TRON - cryptocurrency and blockchain platform for transactions

Join the TRON team after the first day of the Consensus conference for some food and drinks at Dear Irving on Hudson. Come celebrate the gathering of pioneers and thought leaders in the crypto and blosckchain industry.

07/05/19 06:41 -5
DragonEx - Singapore cryptocurrency exchange

DragonEx has completed the upgrade of Mortgage Loan and now the V1.1 is available.

07/05/19 06:40 -5
Bitfinex – cryptocurrency exchange (about update 3.9)

Today’s version features support for component pop-out, an improved charting experience, a lowered minimum order size, and a host of performance improvements.

06/05/19 05:50 -5
KuCoin – Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange

KuCoin will launch the next sale of Spotlight tokens with Trias (TRY) on 05/14/2019 (UTC +8). Meanwhile, in accordance with the principle of fairness and honesty, the sale of TRY tokens will be carried out in a new lottery format, and there will be no available purchases in turn.

06/05/19 05:49 -5