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Pundi X – the leading developer of blockchain devices

The team is now in the process of integrating support for Binance Chain. Once completed, all the token developers on Binance Chain will be able to list their tokens in the Pundi X Open Platform.

14/06/19 05:36 -5
DeCenter is a news agency.

DeCenter now has its own DEC coin. DEC will be used in the new forecast system as a fee for access and bidding. It will also be the only coin for which you can buy tickets to our events and exhibitions.

12/06/19 08:13 -5
KuCoin is a Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange

Register at kucoin.com and join any of our 8 International Telegram groups. Every day we will select the 3 most active participants in each group and distribute $ 5 in altcoins!

10/06/19 07:14 -5
Binance – international cryptocurrency exchange

On June 4, in Moscow, there will be a large Binance meeting, where Ted Lin, Binance Development Director, Matic and QuarkChain top managers, TrustWallet developer, and other industry experts will speak.

29/05/19 08:08 -5
NavCoin – cryptocurrency and blockchain-platform

NavCoin Developer proletesseract has put forward a community fund proposal to seed a bounty program to maintain the main NavCoin websites.

29/05/19 07:18 -5
The Fantom Foundation is a DAG blockchain platform supporting dApps and smart-contracts

Today we're introducing Fantom Archive, a set of medium articles that go in-depth about the philosophy behind Fantom's technology, and other technical aspects of blockchain technology in general. To kick it off, we've released our first edition about Fantom's architecture.

27/05/19 05:08 -5
Remizov Investments – author's Russian trader channel

We received inside from a closed hedge fund and large OTC traders that at the level of 8200 a large closing of the longs will occur. Therefore, it is time to take a short position.

24/05/19 09:06 -5
Fantom Foundation – blockchain platform for the "smart-city" system with an internal token

We are incredibly excited to share that Binance Chain and Fantom will be working together to improve interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem.

23/05/19 05:54 -5