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Coinbase – a cryptocurrency exchange in the USA, with an average income of $ 1 billion per year

We’re excited to announce the launch of Coinbase Card, a Visa debit card that lets customers in the UK spend crypto as effortlessly as the money in their bank.

11/04/19 03:30 -4
Andrew Robinson – a Coinbase institutional trading specialist

Starting today, high-volume Coinbase Pro and Prime customers based in Europe can access USD trading pairs

10/04/19 06:22 -4
DragonEx – a Singapore cryptocurrency exchange

DragonEx will launch the Contracts Trading Competition on website at 15:00(UTC+8), April 10, 2019. Trading Pairs for the Competition: BTC/USDT、ETH/USDT、EOS/USDT、XRP/USDT、TRX/USDT、BCHABC/USDT、ETC/USDT、LTC/USDT

09/04/19 04:05 -4
Bitfinex – a cryptocurrency exchange with headquarters in Hong Kong

From today, Bitfinex has removed its $10,000 minimum equity threshold, opening the world’s most advanced trading platform to everyone.

09/04/19 02:05 -4
Ezequiel Wernicke – Software Engineer at Bitfinex

Bitfinex introduced new financial tools for version 2.5: active positions, public funding, revenues and copying data in Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice. In addition, the tool refactored Back End and automated selection of tickers.

08/04/19 06:07 -4
KuCoin Exchange – a Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange.

Evidence shows that during the Spotlight Token Sale last night, a few users used programmed scripts to automatically go through some of the steps (...) To some degree, the scripts made the already hard-to-get token even harder.

08/04/19 04:05 -4
Craig Wright is an employee of nChain, “self-proclaimed Satoshi.”

One nChain invention that will come out soon is one we describe as providing a distribution protocol for blind dealer-less thresholds.

05/04/19 06:26 -4
KuCoin – Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange

KuCoin is extremely proud to announce another great project coming to our trading platform. TurtleCoin (TRTL) is now available at KuCoin. Supported shopping pairs include TRTL / BTC, TRTL / ETH.

05/04/19 00:00 -4
$ 10 Buffett - Russian crypto-project (about Bitcoin breakthrough)

The bulls have won! Successfully we went to visit Wall Street (...) We recently visited New York and visited a bull on Wall Street. Attached a photo with a bull to the post. It seems that we successfully rubbed him ... horns

04/04/19 05:11 -4