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11/06/19 05:42 UTC-4
OtherEmployees of the LuxTag startup rallied in Brussels

Employees of the LuxTag startup rallied in Brussels

On June 11, representatives of the well-known LuxTag blockchain project told that their employees participated in the Brussels rally and forum against counterfeit medicines. This was reported on the startup Twitter.

11/06/19 04:19 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyEarly Litecoin investors made 2897% profit

Early Litecoin investors made 2897% profit

​On June 11, the fourth cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization, Litecoin, increased by another 10%. According to statistics, the profitability factor of the coin, ROI, was more than 2897%, and the value of the coin rose to 128.87 US dollars.

10/06/19 03:35 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyBitTorrent cryptocurrency rate continues to fall

BitTorrent cryptocurrency rate continues to fall

Today, June 10th, the value of BitTorrent cryptocurrency has fallen by more than 7%. The asset rate continues to decline for the second week in a row. According to statistics, at the moment the cost of a coin BitTorrent (BTT) is 0.001179 US dollars.

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Binance – international cryptocurrency exchange (about adding stable-coins to the listing)

Binance will add the USDSB/USDT and USDSB/USDS trading pairs.

25/06/19 09:14 UTC-4
CertiK – international cyber s​ecurity agency

While revealing the white paper of its cryptocurrency project, Facebook also introduced a new programming language, Move. Currently there is a single module called LibraAccount, which works like a token contract, but eventually there will be a way for third parties to write additional modules.

24/06/19 10:34 UTC-4
KuCoin is an international cryptocurrency exchange.

KuCoin Russia Lottery! Share 2,000 KCS on June 29, 2019 at 12:00 (midday) MSK online in our Telegram group.

20/06/19 03:48 UTC-4
Buffet’s $10 is a Russian cryptocurrency project

A new Binance token of the BEP2 standard will be pegged to Bitcoin, while Maximine Coin lost -23,43%.

18/06/19 14:20 UTC-4
DragonEx – Singapore cryptocurrency exchange

DragonEx Open Platform will launch a blockchain game Crazy Zoo at 15:00(UTC+8) on June 18, 2019. For sharing more benefits with DT community, DragonEx will package some APPs on Open Platform to independent asset package, the eligibile users can subscribe Apps asset package shares through DT.

14/06/19 08:34 UTC-4