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The Opera company presented a cryptocurrency browser wallet for Android

The Opera company presented a cryptocurrency browser wallet for Android
Opera has announced the appearance of a crypto-wallet for browsers on Android

On February 6th, Opera announced that its users can now buy cryptocurrencies through the browser wallet of the same name, as reported by the CoinDesk news agency.

The browser for the Android system, Opera, has added a wallet for storing and converting cryptocurrency into its main functionality. Opera users can now buy Ethereum (ETH) and tokens with ERC-20, ERC-721 (CryptoKitties Decentraland) tokens from a browser wallet. Currently, the crypto-exchange feature is available in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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Opera and cryptocurrency wallets

According to a report in the official Opera blog, the new service will work with the support of the Safello AB, Swedish company. As you know, Safello AB is a subsidiary of BT Technology Inc., which owns the Bitcoin exchange of the same name.

Thanks to the collaboration, Opera's browser wallet will be able to convert fiat to crypto. In addition, with the support of Safello, the function of payments from debit, credit cards and via payment networks (such as Swish in Sweden) will be available. As it became known, Safello services will check users who make purchases through Swedish BankID and Danish NemID applications personal identification.

According to the press release of the browser crypto-wallet, the replenishment of the account with cryptocurrency will take no more than one minute. Charles Hamel, the leading operator of Opera, commented on the innovation: "We believe that the next important step for cryptography will be its massive use (...) so that they (cryptocurrency) are more widely used, they need to be optimized: easy purchase and easy use."

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The Opera company announced the appearance of a cryptocurrency browser wallet for Android. In addition, users are offered discounts from Safello. For example, customers from Sweden will receive a discount of 2.5 percent, and users from Norway and Denmark will receive a discount of 5 percent of the total amount of cryptocurrency purchases through conversion in Opera.

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India has formed a cybercrime lab

​Indian authorities have reported criminal responsibility for misconduct in the cryptocurrency sector. A specialized cybercrime laboratory was created to control the crypto-activity, as reported by The Hindu, a local news publication.

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