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NASA publishes a proposal to introduce blockchain technology based on the HyperLedger platform

NASA: proposal to introduce blockchain technology
NASA: proposal to introduce blockchain technology

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has proposed to introduce blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
technology – according to an article published on the agency's official website on January 10.

The system will use an open source blockchain for safe, private and anonymous interaction with air traffic services.

NASA documents: "This structure includes a certification authority, support for smart-contracts, and higher capacity communication channels for private information that can be used for secure communication between any particular aircraft and any particular authorized participant."


Hyperledger Project

The engineering prototype of the system used the Hyperledger project and demonstrated that such an infrastructure can be quickly launched and economically supported.

Last December, Hyperledger, an open source project created by the Linux Foundation to support and develop blockchain-based registers, attracted 12 new members, including major firms such as Alibaba Cloud, Citi and Deutsche Telekom.


Implementation of cryptocurrency

The researchers note that the introduction of cryptocurrency was proposed to address both confidentiality and false information issues.

In addition, the proposal explains the difficulties of such solutions: "In most of these schemes, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) remains an unsolved problem - the complexity of the implementation of the public key structure, so that it can be used by airborne equipment in flight."

Corporate blockchain solutions can be practical PKIs for use in aviation.

The document says: "The advantage of these blockchain schemes is that they allow you to implement a PKI infrastructure in which end users do not have to belong to any particular organization or adhere to the 6th protocol with any client/server."


Development of autonomous blockchain system

In August 2018, in an analysis dedicated to the "introduction of blockchain into space", in 2017, NASA allocated a grant of $ 330,000 to support the development of an autonomous system of blockchain-based spacecraft, taking the first step towards adopting the blockchain.

In addition, that NASA wants to introduce Blockchain technology based on the HyperLedger platform, in December last year, news emerged that blockchain development Blockstream firm expanded its satellite service using the fifth satellite and now broadcasts Bitcoin blockchain (BTC) to all major megalopolises of the Earth.

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