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In Dublin, hackers demand a ransom in Bitcoins for a hacked site

Hackers demand a ransom for a hacked site in Bitcoins in Dublin
Hackers demand a ransom for a hacked site in Bitcoins in Dublin

The light rail system website in Dublin, Luas, went down after hacking by unknown hackers. The attackers demanded a ransom for maintaining the confidentiality of information in Bitcoins, as reported by the CCN news agency.

Website visitors, which is offline at the time of the hack, receive messages that the hackers have published with reference to their requirements. Unidentified hackers require that they be paid one Bitcoin for every five days of silence, or they will begin to make public the privileged data they received as a result of the hacking.


Hacker attack and ransom in Bitcoins

In the message, the hackers referred to their disappointment in connection with attempts to report a malfunction of the security system of the Dublin speed railway site: "You are hacked. Some time ago I wrote that you have serious security holes that you did not answer. The next time someone talks to you, click the answer button. You must pay 1 Bitcoin for every 5 days of my silence. Otherwise, I will publish all the data and send emails to your users."

At the bottom of the message is the address to which the hackers want to get a ransom.

It is unclear what information hackers have received, since the Luas website is mainly informational with limited interactive features. According to the company, the Luas payment website, which is used by passengers for payment, was not affected.

In a Luas account on Twitter, users were advised not to visit the hacked website and instead send requests to the Luas call center.

In Dublin, hackers are demanding a ransom for a hacked site in Bitcoins – at the moment there is no more detailed information about the incident. According to the press service of Luas, it is also unknown when the site will resume its work.

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