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MediBloc: US hospitals use blockchain

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), one of five hospitals in the United States that collaborate with the MediBloc, Korean blockchain-based company, to find the best ways to store and share patient data — as reported by the CoinDesk news agency.

Innovation was commented on by Synho Do, director of the Medical Imaging and Computation Lab of the MGH joint venture and Harvard Medical School.

Synho Do believes that the introduction of blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
into the work of the hospital expands opportunities in various areas: from medical image analysis to the exchange of medical information.

"In collaboration with Medibloc, we are committed to exploring the potential of blockchain technology to provide secure solutions for sharing medical information, integrating healthcare applications into daily clinical workflow (...)" – Synho Do.


Blockchain features in medicine

There has always been a problem with patient data. It lay in the fact that several organizations – hospitals, research agencies, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, need information about those who receive medical care.

But at present, personal data cannot be safely distributed, because they are in different incompatible formats. The new blockchain technology will help to store patient data in a format accessible by each health care organization. The block chain will contain information about the patient's insurance policy, his medical record with medical histories, as well as information about the place of work, age, etc. MediBloc will help US hospitals use blockchain technology to more effectively diagnose, study case histories, and quickly transfer information from the laboratory to the treatment site.

"Every day when people go to hospitals, a lot of new information is created, which is difficult to transfer from one hospital to another (...) MediBloc not only develops a distributed register for storing and sharing medical data, but also works on a tool that will convert data (...) in a universal format" – Allen Wookyun Kho, founder and CEO of MediBloc.

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