05/12/19 06:42 UTC-5

Canada's venture capital firm has taken $320 million to invest in fintech startups

Canada's largest venture organization, Portag3 Ventures (VC), raised $320 million to invest in the development of various fintech projects in the world.


Promoting innovation in the financial sector

Final requirements from institutional and strategic investors for the amount received have already been agreed by VC. The company aims to realize investments at an early stage in startups around the world, but with a special emphasis on projects in Canada, the USA, Europe and some other markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to cryptocurrency news, Portag3 Ventures CEO, Adam Felesky stated that the company is faced with the task of "creating global financial champions on a Canadian basis."

The foundation also recently established a new community of senior advisers to work with startups. These included financial industry giants such as Rockefeller Capital Management President Gregory J. Fleming, and AIG CEO Peter Hancock.

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