05/12/19 04:36 UTC-5

Governor Brian Kemp has appointed the head of the Bakkt platform as US Senator

Bakkt Futures Platform CEO has been officially appointed by the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, as US Senator.  


Appointment of a new Senator

Governor Brian Kemp has appointed Bakkt chief executive Kelly Loeffler on Wednesday to be vacated in the U.S. Senate after several days of intense debate among leading conservatives regarding the expected choice of a political newcomer, her values ​​and her allegiance to President Trump.

According to cryptocurrency news, Kemp and Loffler sought to emphasize their support for Trump, despite the fact that he is now faced with an investigation into impeachment in the House of Representatives and a possible trial in the Senate.

Forty-nine-year-old Loeffler worked in the Georgian business community, serving as executive director of the Bakkt futures platform and was a co-owner of Atlanta Dream at the National Women's Basketball Association. She will replace Senator Johnny Isakson, who retires at the end of the year for health reasons.

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