05/12/19 05:12 UTC-5

David Chaum introduced the private xx network platform

The creator of the e-Cash virtual currency and Praxxis developers have announced the release of technical documentation for the xx network platform. The documents include detailed information about the network and cryptocurrency, as reported in the press release.


Praxxis guarantees protection against network attacks

Users will learn from the documentation how the network works, how many nodes are located, how messaging occurs. In addition, you can see the roadmap of the Chaum project. On the xx-coin.io site, developers posted a White Paper.

David Chaum noted that the network is superior to its competitors due to its performance and reliability. The creator of e-Cash spoke about Praxxis consensus mechanism technology. Achieving the mechanism is the availability of protection against hacker attacks and guaranteeing quantum security, as cryptocurrency news reports. 

Next month, the Praxxis team will conduct webinars to see the audience’s reaction and pay attention to the details of the project. Participants can register on the Praxxis website

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Editor: Daria Mukhina