04/12/19 07:00 UTC-5

An Android vulnerability has been discovered, personal data of users is in danger

On November 2, Promon security researchers said they discovered a vulnerability that allowed cybercriminals to access personal data on any Android phone.


Android vulnerability – StrandHogg

Security researchers have detailed an Android vulnerability discovered, called “StrandHogg.” StrandHogg allows malware to impersonate legitimate applications to attack users of the Google operating system.

Android’s dangerous vulnerability could give hackers access to your personal SMS and photos, steal your credentials, track your movements, record your phone conversations and monitor your phone’s camera and microphone, Promon researchers said.

Using this data, attackers can easily penetrate cryptocurrency wallets of users and steal all funds.

After investigations, it was discovered that the 500 most popular applications are at risk, including all versions of Android and Android 10.

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  • The Promon team is convinced that StrandHogg is already being used by gangs of malware

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Editor: Yuliya Soroka