04/12/19 04:00 UTC-5

Governor Brian Kemp has appointed the Bakkt platform’s CEO as US Senator

Next week, Kelly Loeffler, head of the Bakkt futures platform, is due to be appointed Georgia Governor Brian Kemp as US Senator. This was reported by the local edition of Atlanta AJC. 


Governor's decision

Brian Kemp is about to appoint Kelly Loeffler as a senator, thus expanding women's commitment to the Republican Party. In the event of a positive outcome, the Bakkt CEO in Georgia will become the second woman in the US Senate. Cryptocurrency news notes that Loffler is quite capable of financing the activities of the Republicans with his fortune, which, according to assumptions, can break records in fundraising.

At the same time, Loeffler is clearly seeking the approval of the party, saying that by its arrival it wants to contribute to solving the problem of drug and human trafficking, lowering health care costs and protecting the interests of the motherland. She put it this way:

“If I am elected, I will fight with President Trump, Senator David Perdue and you, to make America great.”

It is planned to announce the appointment of a new senator next week at a press conference. As the media knows, the current politician in this position, Johnny Isakson, is leaving his post due to health problems.

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Editor: Alyona Deryabina