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HashCash has announced a blockchain partnership to end the exploitation of child labor

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HashCash Consultants has announced a partnership with a consortium of global companies to create a blockchain-based supply chain network to prevent the exploitation of children for miningMining
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Enslaving children in the mines

Blockchain HashCash Consultants has announced a partnership with a consortium of global automakers, mining companies and battery manufacturers to build a blockchain-based supply chain network. The companies have teamed up to track where and from whom the extracted minerals, such as cobalt or lithium, are needed for the production of cars and batteries.

This is extremely important information, since in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), they illegally use the labor of children for mining, as cryptocurrency news reports . According to UN estimates, in 2017 around 200 million children worldwide were in operating conditions, and in the DRC, about 40,000 children were held for work in mines.

The planned network is designed to ensure transparency of the entire supply chain. It will help to trace the sources of mineral resources so that each participant – from the mine to the car manufacturer – acts in accordance with the norms and laws.

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