26/11/19 02:20 UTC-5

Charles Schwab acquires rival TD Ameritrade for $26 billion

OtherCharles Schwab teams up with TD Ameritrade
Charles Schwab teams up with TD Ameritrade

American Charles Schwab investment brokerage giant announced the acquisition of rival TD Ameritrade in a stock deal totaling $26 billion.


TD Ameritrade for $26 billion

“The combined companies will serve 24 million brokerage accounts with customer assets worth more than $5 trillion.” – Charles Schwab.

In particular, TD Ameritrade will bring $1.3 trillion in client assets, 12 million client accounts and about $5 billion in annual revenue for Schwab.

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  • Cryptocurrency news, reported that these two companies have recently received a total annual income of $17 billion and $8 billion in profit.

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Editor: Yuliya Soroka