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Hunt for BTC through the Donnerlab online gaming platform

OtherNew game from the Donnerlabs platform
New game from the Donnerlabs platform

The Donnerlab online gaming platform announced on Twitter its launch of a project called Bitcoin Bounty Hunt, which allows players to hunt for BTC.  


Launch of Bitcoin Bounty Hunt

“Our newest project, Bitcoin Bounty Hunt: A fully lightning fast, multi-player, first-person shooter (FPS).” – Donnerlab.

In the new shooter, participants fight for victory, with a reward in BTC, which will be withdrawn from the wallet of the loser.

To store coins, Bitcoin Bounty Hunt uses the built-in Neutrino wallet, with support for payments through the Lightning Network.

According to Bitcoin news, over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has fallen by 0.84%, the rate was $8,090.67 USD.

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  • The Donnerlabs platform was founded in 2018 by twenty-five-year-old Konstantin Nick.

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Editor: Yuliya Soroka