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Opera is investing $120 million in the development of digital payments in Africa

Other$120 million from Opera for digital payments in Africa
$120 million from Opera for digital payments in Africa

OPay financial and technical startup from Opera developers allocated $120 million, which was provided by Chinese investors to financially distribute digital payments throughout Africa.


OPay scaling

According to the latest cryptocurrency news, OPay decided to invest $120 million in the distribution of a project designed for digital payments in Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. This round of investments included well-known representatives of venture capital: Sequoia China and Softbank Asia, IDG Capital, as well as Meituan-Dianping, GaoRong, Source Code Capital, BAI, Redpoint and GSR Ventures.

Since the first level of investment has passed, OPay's Nigeria business has reached $10 million in daily transactionTransaction
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volume. It is worth emphasizing that Opera is actively involved in the cryptocurrency industry in the African financial market, where their browser is the second most popular after Google Chrome.

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