18/11/19 03:00 UTC-5

Facebook Libra has recorded over 51,000 transactions

The Libra Association released on Friday an update for developers, which says that the Facebook cryptocurrency project has been running for "five months and is gaining strength."


Achievements of the Libra association

Michael Engle, developer of the Libra Association, said that more than 51,000 transactions have already been registered in the Libra test network, 34 projects have been created and 10 wallets have been opened since the test network was launched in September.

Libra also launched Pre-mainnet, which is an exact replica of the real network for testing purposes.

The update indicated that Pre-mainnet now has 7 working nodes, another 14 are under development.

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  • The development team introduced a payment system through which users will buy things and send funds to Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. The service is not connected with Libra, they note on the website of the network.  

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Editor: Yuliya Soroka