07/11/19 05:00 UTC-5

eToro acquires Delta, a crypto portfolio management application

The eToro tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
platform has acquired Delta, a popular crypto portfolio management application. The amount paid for the application is unknown.


Use of the Delta app

Cryptocurrency news has shown that Delta allows users to track more than 6000 cryptocurrencies from 180 exchanges. According to the company, the application has been downloaded by more than 1.5 million users and has hundreds of thousands of active monthly customers.

“This acquisition makes sense for Delta and eToro and, most importantly, for our users. There is close interaction between the two companies, and we have many common values, in particular, emphasis on community and continuous innovation,” Delta CEO Nicolas Van Hoorde said in a press release.

Adding: “Both companies have succeeded because we have created supportive and interested communities and are committed to creating advanced user-oriented technologies.”

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Editor: Yuliya Soroka