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Ethereum Classic fans are waiting for Agharta hardfork

The developers of the platform demonstrated the general project, but the deadlines for introducing new algorithms were temporary. The team aims to adapt the network with Ethereum, according to Twitter.


Ethereum Classic will be updated in November

Key creators of Ethereum Classic (ETC) and participants interested in the development of the platform reviewed the length of the period for introducing other algorithms.

ETC emphasized that the following organizations will contribute to the fork: Parity, Multi-Geth and Geth Classic. Checking the operation of the network is scheduled for the following dates: November 13, 20 and December 11. The core network will be launched next year in mid-January.

Changing algorithms will include only Ethereum Constantinople functions. After the forkFork
– is the intentional use of one code base of a software project to start another. That is, changing the blockchain code to split it into two.Details
, the platform will not be radically different from Ethereum. The team noted that they have a common “predecessor”, so it is important to work together on the structure.

Developers rarely sought to make changes, but several features needed to be added to improve performance. Developers sometimes doubt the change in algorithms, as this leads to disagreements and conflicts in the community. However, the fork often attracts new entrants, thanks to increased functionality.

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