01/11/19 02:00 UTC-5

Accointing portfolio tracking platform has updated its app

Accointing, a popular portfolio management and tracking platform, is launching a new application. The upgrade will focus on usability, functionality and automation.


Accointing platform update

The Accointing team, launches the application update. The application will provide customers with a convenient overview of the portfolio, showing both the total value of the portfolio and the change in value over the past 24 hours.

The application will provide an easy, fast and secure way to connect to most crypto-exchanges and, therefore, will automatically update any crypto-portfolio.

“The application displays all the necessary information on its screen. But at the same time, the dashboard is very compact and has no unnecessary details, which allows you to plunge into prices and market capitalization in a simple and understandable way.”– Accointing.

Interesting in the section: The app will prevent hackers from stealing private keys on GitHub

  • The platform was built by crypto-enthusiasts who were unhappy with the complexity and rigidity of existing tools.


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Editor: Yuliya Soroka