15/10/19 06:40 UTC-5

21 organizations officially joined the Libra Facebook Association

Other21 members of Facebook's Libra project
21 members of Facebook's Libra project

21 organizations officially joined the Libra Association at its first constituent assembly on Monday.

Members of the Libra Facebook Association

During a meeting in Geneva, 21 organizations formally signed the charter of the Libra Association and appointed a board of directors.

The first members of the board are Calibra co-founder David Marcus, Andreessen Horowitz's general partner Katie Haun, Xapo's general manager Vences Casares, PayU's general adviser Patrick Ellis and Kiva's chief strategic officer Matthew Davie.

Meanwhile, the Association’s executive team will include PayPal veterans Bertrand Perez, Dante Disparte and Kurt Hemker.

Despite the recent high-profile decisions of many companies to leave the Libra Association, after a meeting in Geneva, the Association claims that more than 1500 organizations have expressed interest in joining the project.

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