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Blockchain provider Block.one introduced long-awaited EOSIO 2.0 protocol

Block.one, EOS protocol developer, is releasing a new version of software – EOSIO 2.0 – to increase the network’s security and scalability.

Advantages of EOSIO 2.0

The first Block.one blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
platform, EOSIO, is an open source code blockchain protocol with leading transactionTransaction
– is a financial term that means a logically meaningful operation that can only be carried out completely. Details
speeds and flexible utilities. Introduced in May 2017, it has been widely recognized as the first effective blockchain platform for businesses worldwide.

In their official reports, Block.one representatives said that EOSIO is the first blockchain software to use WebAssembly [WASM] to improve performance. However, they have eventually outgrown it, seeking to do more:

“Our solution is to create our own blockchain-engineered software from scratch. The EOS VM, our specialized WASM blockchain engine, runs the EOS Mechanics WASM processor tests 16 times faster than Binaryen, released with EOSIO 1.0.”

EOSIO 2.0 is designed to increase productivity, improve security, and create additional developer tools. The new software comprises 4 components:

  1. EOS VM: a highly productive WebAssembly (WASM) mechanism specializing in blockchain applications that facilitates the more efficient use of system resources in the processing of smart contracts and significantly improves productivity.
  2. EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE: A powerful, new, autonomously integrated web-based development environment for smart EOSIO contracts and related web applications. It can be quickly configured and run in any browser. It will help to lower the entry barrier for new EOSIO blockchain developers.
  3. WebAuthn support: A widespread secure authentication standard that allows users to sign transactions without browser extensions or additional software.
  4. Support for the production of block-signed blocks with a weight threshold: A safe way for block manufacturers to use different keys to sign blocks on the main and backup equipment of block production.


  • It is time to look at the capabilities of blockchain beyond digital coins. Most of these opportunities take the form of “smart contracts,” a term coined by Nick Szabo long before blockchain technology was perfected.

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