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John McAfee called the reasons why BTC will cost $1 million in 2020

John McAfee, a well-known Bitcoin supporter, after talking with Forbes, explained why by 2020 the main cryptocurrency could reach $1 million.  

Will BTC cost $1 million in 2020

John McAfee is confident that by the end of 2020, the price of Bitcoin will reach $1 million, he also confirmed this opinion on his twitter. And recently, communicating with Forbes, he explained why Bitcoin will reach such a significant price level.

According to McAfee, one of the reasons is limitedness.

“There are a total of 21 million BTC. Seven of which are forever lost, and if Satoshi is dead, add a few more to them.”


“I am a very conservative person. I said one million and stick to it,” added McAfee.


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  • When asked about other digital assets that could be widely used in the future for financial transactions, McAfee called: Monero, ZCash, Tether, TUSD, PAX.
  • McAfee said DAI could become a popular stable coin in the future.
  • John McAfee, always argued that the drop in the value of Bitcoin is just a temporary phenomenon and soon the price of the first cryptocurrency will recover. 

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Editor: Yuliya Soroka