20/09/19 04:00 UTC-5

A fraudulent offer of earnings through the TON platform was noticed on the Facebook

OtherFraudulent offers on Facebook
Fraudulent offers on Facebook

On the Facebook social network, fraudulent advertisements began to appear, offering to join the Telegram Open Network (TON), an investment platform that has not yet been launched.


Facebook fraud

Users are prompted to enter personal data, including email address and telephone. The site promises that after registration, users will be able to earn 10-15 thousand rubles ($230) per day.

Note that such fraudulent schemes are used not only on Facebook, but also in the Telegram messenger itself.

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  • It is known that Facebook banned the advertising of cryptocurrencies and ICOs in January 2018. Social networks also prohibit ads offering "quick enrichment schemes".
  • Recall that the TON platform should be launched this fall.


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Editor: Alyona Nabok