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"Satoshi Nakamoto" wants to amicably resolve the $5 billion dispute in bitcoin

OtherWright compromises the $5 billion dispute
Wright compromises the $5 billion dispute

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed creator of BTC Satoshi Nakamoto, wants to settle a dispute with Ira Kleiman about 500,000 BTC out of court. Now the parties are negotiating on the terms of the agreement.


Craig Wright plans to resolve a dispute with Ira Kleiman

According to CoinDesk, Craig Wright’s lawyers have filed a request to the South Florida District Court to postpone the decision, which obliged Wright to return 500,000 BTC to the Kleiman family. Allegedly, "now the parties are conducting voluntary negotiations on a settlement."

Protection asks for a delay of 30 days. Lawyers argue that the parties have already agreed on all fundamentally important issues, but time is needed to discuss the details.

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  • Kleiman agreed to a reprieve
  • Ira Kleiman filed a lawsuit against Craig Wright in 2018. He claims that the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto stole 500,000 BTC from his deceased brother David Kleiman. According to Ira, David and Wright worked together to mine BTC in 2009-2013. Together they managed to get 1 million BTC, and they had to split them in half. In 2013, David died, and Wright left his share to himself
  • In August 2019, the court sided with Kleiman, and ordered Wright to transfer 500,000 BTC to the plaintiff (about $5 billion at current prices)
  • First, Wright agreed with the decree. But then he filed a request for an extension of the terms of appeal of the decision. Allegedly, he needed a postponement in orderOrder
    – automatic application to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Orders are used during trading on the stock exchange to open and close a position. Details
    to collect evidence that the judge did not have the authority to make such a decision. 


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