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A crypto-investor jumped out the window and saved $11.2 million in cryptocurrency from robbery

OtherNOK crypto-investor saved $11.2 million investment
NOK crypto-investor saved $11.2 million investment

In Norway, there was an attack on a crypto-investor in the NOK cryptocurrency, who managed to earn $11.2 million. The robber threatened him with a shotgun, but the investor escaped by jumping through the balcony.


Crypto investor defended $11.2 million

According to the Norwegian media TV2, the robbery itself took place in mid-May 2019. Now the matter has come to court.

According to the police, the robber came to the crypto-investor’s apartment and began to threaten him with a shotgun. But the investor did not give up and jumped out of the balcony onto the street.

Law enforcement authorities do not specify how the crypto-investor managed to escape. Other details of the case are still unknown.

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  • The accused refuses to plead guilty
  • According to TV2, the crypto-investor has become popular in Norway due to its success in the field of cryptocurrencies. Allegedly, he worked with them for 10 years, and with only one NOK cryptocurrency he managed to earn $11.2 million.


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