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The issue of national security: the US wants to protect the energy system with the help of blockchain

OtherBlockchain will help protect the US energy system
Blockchain will help protect the US energy system

TFA Labs crypto-startup is testing a security system for the US energy system based on the Factom blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
. With its help, the company is trying to determine whether the equipment of power plants is infected with a virus.


TFA Labs is developing a blockchain system for protecting power plants

According to CoinDesk, TFA Labs will collect data about devices in power plants and store them on the Factom blockchain.

Another startup plans to give the software unique digital identification codes. If someone interferes with the software, the security system will issue a cryptographic hashHash
(hashing) – a cryptographic term that means changing the input data of different sizes into the original data of a clearly defined size, using a special mathematical algorithm.Details
that does not match the original code. In this way, specialists will be able to understand that attackers are trying to break into the security system.

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  • The first phase of testing will last until March next year. At this time, TFA Labs plans to develop a prototype security system and test it in practice.
  • The US Department of Energy has given TFA Labs a grant of $200,000 to develop the project
  • Factom – a project developing a blockchain for companies and government agencies. He conducted an ICOICO
    (Initial Coin Offerings) is an acronym, which means a primary currency offer. Details
    back in 2015, during which he raised $1.1 million. After that, the startup held round A to collect investments from private companies, and received another $8.8 million


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The English football club made bitcoin a symbol of the team

​Watford English Premier League Football Club will place the bitcoin sign on the sleeves of its players. The club made this decision after entering into a partnership with the Sportsbet.io crypto-platform, which specializes in betting.