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Coinbase and Ripple are removed from the list of 10 best LinkedIn startups in the USA

OtherCoinbase and Ripple are removed from LinkedIn
Coinbase and Ripple are removed from LinkedIn

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange and the payment company behind the XRP cryptocurrency, Ripple, are no longer in the top 10 US LinkedIn startups of 2019.


Coinbase and Ripple are no longer the best

The LinkedIn network platform released the list on Wednesday, September 4th, with a Coinbase rating of 29 and a Ripple rating of 28. Although last year, platforms took 3rd place and 7th place.  

LinkedIn evaluates the popularity of American firms by analyzing their effectiveness in four categories: employee growth, job seeker interest, interaction with the company and its employees.

The platform adds that the selection criteria for inclusion in the list should be: the company must be at least seven years old, at least 50 employees, and the company must be privately owned and have headquarters in the United States.

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  • First place this year is Snowflake Computing, a cloud-based data startup-storage.
  • Robinhood, a provider of crypto-secure investment applications, also remains at number 7 on the list.


Editor: Yuliya Soroka

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