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Bitcoins can be stored on the mobile TronWallet

OtherBitcoin will be stored on mobile TronWallet
Bitcoin will be stored on mobile TronWallet

Today, on August 19, TronWallet announced the soon-to-be service for Bitcoin in the mobile wallet version. According to a Twitter post, customers will soon be able to store the first cryptocurrency in Tron's wallets.


Bitcoin for TronWallet

According to the information, digital gold may become available for storage on TronWallet mobile wallets. Unfortunately, no additional information regarding the date is available yet. Nevertheless, social network users have already responded to the message. A popular Bitcoin enthusiast, Tommy Mustache, expressed his opinion that TronWallet is the best cryptocurrency wallet with the simplest design and the easiest functionality.

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"You can soon store Bitcoin on your mobile TronWallet me which in my opinion is the best TronWallet currently out in the market. It is so easy to use that even a 7 year old kid can figure it out. Why store your bitcoins on an exchange when you can store them in your secure wallet" – Tommy Mustache, Twitter.

Bitcoins will soon be stored on mobile TronWallet. We remind you that on August 15, the new Leo cryptocurrency outstripped the TRON coin. According to CoinMarketCap statistics, TRON fell to 14th position in total value, and Leo (the currency that commenced in May this year) came in 12th place (that was previously held by TRON).

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14/09/19 10:44 UTC-4

The English football club made bitcoin a symbol of the team

​Watford English Premier League Football Club will place the bitcoin sign on the sleeves of its players. The club made this decision after entering into a partnership with the Sportsbet.io crypto-platform, which specializes in betting.