25/06/19 07:00 UTC-4

A fraudulent cryptocurrency theft application has appeared on the network

Cryptocurrency theft application appeared on the network
Cryptocurrency theft application appeared on the network

On June 25, PhishFort, a well-known anti-phishing resource, reported a fraudulent application to steal cryptocurrency. The application is disguised as a Trust Wallet and differs only in the function of "restoring" lost cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency theft – phishing Trust Wallet

According to the PhishFort team, early warning systems have recently been discovered by the trustwället. com, an explicit phishing clone of the popular Trust Wallet application hosted on trustwallet.com. As stated in the message, after the recent surge in mobile phishing applications, the first suspicion was that one of the mobile applications referenced on the website was "beaten". However, after checking each of the links, all links were in fact legitimate.

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As revealed later, the problem was in the "Recovery" function. This feature would presumably allow users to recover funds lost through the Trust Wallet app. The process entailed a choice of currencies that the user would like to recover. The user was then asked to enter his email, as well as his private key or "mnemonic" phrase.

It is logical that after that the attackers would have access to all private information of the client, as well as an open way to steal all the money from the wallet. This phishing site is dangerous because its malicious nature is not easy to see right away. At the time of this writing, the fraudulent site was blocked and removed from the Google search engine.

A fraudulent cryptocurrency theft application has appeared on the network. Recall that a few days ago, Patrick McDonnell received 20 years in prison for the Coin Drop Markets financial pyramid.

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10/07/19 07:03 UTC-4

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17/05/19 03:00 UTC-4

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