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US cryptocurrency policy has to become more loyal! – Jeremy Aller

Jeremy Aller: Crypto regulation in the US should become more loyal
Jeremy Aller: Crypto regulation in the US should become more loyal

On May 21, the CEO of the Circle blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
project, Jeremy Aller, said that cryptocurrency regulation in the United States is too strict. According to Aller, America should become more loyal in matters of crypto-regulation.


Jeremy Aller about US crypto regulators

Aller's post appeared on his page on the Medium social network. The reason for such a critical publication was the recent decision of Poloniex to exclude 9 crypto projects for US traders.

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The Circle startup has been working with Poloniex for several months. According to Aller, the Circle team is deeply disappointed that it was necessary to exclude assets for the Americans. At the same time, the exclusion of crypto is a "direct result of signals from the management" of US financial regulators.

By the way, exclusion of popular coins can bring losses and reduce popularity of exchange markets in the US financial market. In addition, Poloniex will continue to use the geo-zone policy to provide services in accordance with local financial regulators.

A rigorous selection of crypto and a much too "broad" look at the list of coins that can be considered securities were the main reason for the actions of Poloniex and Circle. According to Jeremy Aller, cryptocurrency does not need to be treated as harshly as securities.

"We do not think that they should be treated as securities, but we must ensure that we comply with US laws. Our decision to activate geo-zones represents our effort to respond responsibly to the uncertain regulatory climate in America." – Jeremy Aller.

It is easy: The head of Poloniex partners, Jeremy Aller, tried to explain why the Americans were denied access to 9 cryptocurrencies. According to him, the American authorities intervening in the regulation of crypto have become the culprits.

Jeremy Aller said that cryptocurrency policy in the United States had to become more loyal. We have already written about the zoning of Poloniex services and the exclusion of some crypto projects from the list of access in the United States.

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