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A new blockchain project by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of the Ethereum and Cardano

Polymesh – new blockchain project
Polymesh – new blockchain project

A new project by Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson) will be to create a blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
security markers in collaboration with Polymath, – Polymath blog.


New collaboration

The new collaboration resulted from the "Consensus 2019" event, at which Polymath security platform announced its partnership with Ethereum and Cardano co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, to create"a specialized chain of security tokens called Polymesh.

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Even though more than 120 security tokens have been created using Polymath TokenToken
– is an accounting unit that is used to represent a digital balance in an asset.Details
Studio, they are said to have not been accepted by the docking system.

Compared to Ethereum, which was not specifically designed to comply with the rules, Polymesh will be built from scratch with these considerations in orderOrder
– automatic application to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Orders are used during trading on the stock exchange to open and close a position. Details
to "become the basic infrastructure for global capital markets."

Charles Hoskinson collaborates with Polymath to create a new blockchain project for Polymesh. "We are incredibly excited to work with Charles on a specially created blockchain for security tokens. As co-founder of Ethereum and Cardano, Charles brings a unique expertise to Polymesh and is the ideal person to act as a co-architect of Polymesh," – Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath service.

"After co-founding Ethereum and Cardano, two of the most widely used blockchains in the world, I am looking forward to working on Polymesh."Charles Hoskinson, co-architect of Polymesh.

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#DropGold Bitcoin movement is now on American TV channels

​On May 16, it was reported that the popular American TV channels, National Geographic and Fox News, will broadcast a video ad for the DropGold movement. As it became known, the project was financed by Grayscale Investments and Barry Silbert.

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Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum for people!

​On May 3rd, the Ethereum cryptocurrency developer stated that Ethereum coins are intended primarily for ordinary people. According to Vitalik Buterin, cryptocurrencies should become easier and more reliable.

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