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RAND report: terrorists do NOT use cryptocurrencies because they are afraid of exposing

RAND: terrorists do not use cryptocurrencies because they are afraid of exposing
RAND: terrorists do not use cryptocurrencies because they are afraid of exposing

On April 12, the Center for International Security and Defense Policy of the RAND American Corporation published the report "The Use of Cryptocurrency by Terrorists: Technical and Organizational Difficulties and Future Threats”. The report says that terrorists are afraid to use crypto, as hackers can expose them and identify individuals.


The use of cryptocurrency by terrorists

According to the report, terrorists do not use cryptocurrencies as "financing” or for buying weapons because of possible exposure. As stated in the RAND report, there are a number of problems for using crypto for illegal purposes.

"The current cryptocurrency badly corresponds to the set of functions that would be necessary and desirable for terrorist groups” – RAND.

The first and most "dangerous" problem is the possibility of hacker wallet hacking, as a result of which it will be possible to identify a person. RAND researchers called the possibility of determining the location of the recipient as the second problem. And the third problem is the ability to track the addresses of the recipient and the sender, which can open the "sponsor” of world terrorism to law enforcement agencies.

In addition, scientists from RAND have published information about two cryptocurrencies with an increased anonymity factor, which can still be used by terrorist organizations. Monero and Zcash were such assets.

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Among the factors that reduce the likelihood of using crypto-terrorists, it was stated: "uncertainty" of the future of cryptocurrency, the development of cyber security services in the cryptocurrency sector, the possibility of hacking and hacker attacks. The result of the study was the conclusion that even with minimal control from regulators and law enforcement agencies, cryptocurrency will not be used to finance global terrorism.

According to the RAND report, terrorists do NOT use cryptocurrencies because they fear exposure. Recall that on April 11, ESET discovered a series of spam attacks on visitors to adult sites.

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