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Bitcoin-enthusiast and founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, was arrested: a journalist faces the death penalty or 35 years in prison

Founder of WikiLeaks and a Bitcoin-stickler, Julian Assange, is arrested
Founder of WikiLeaks and a Bitcoin-stickler, Julian Assange, is arrested

On April 11, the famous Bitcoin-enthusiast, journalist and founder of the WikiLeaks site, Julian Assange, was arrested in the UK. Assange was detained at the Embassy of Ecuador, London.

The WikiLeaks site reported the arrest of the founder of the resource. A detained journalist faces 35 years in prison or the death penalty. The arrest took place on the territory of the embassy of Ecuador by British law enforcement agencies.

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Julian Assange – arrest

Julian Assange is a well-known scandalous journalist, as well as an exposer of political figures and economic regimes. Assange became the founder of the WikiLeaks famous portal, where secret materials were regularly published, taken from anonymous sources or in case of information leakage.

On Thursday, April 11, British police arrested Assange on the territory of the Ecuadorian embassy. At the same time now representatives of the embassy claim that the arrest did not occur in the territory of the embassy.

"URGENT! Julian Assange did not "leave the embassy". The Ecuadorian ambassador invited the British police to the embassy, ​​and he was immediately arrested." –  WikiLeaks.

But representatives of WikiLeaks said that the Ecuadorian ambassador personally invited the British police to the embassy and allowed to arrest the journalist.

"Employees of the Ecuadorian embassy constantly monitored medical and legal visits to Julian, and also secretly collaborated with US authorities, and then agreed to give Assange for 3 million euros." – WikiLeaks.

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In the United States, a well-known journalist is accused of publishing secret State Department information and is going to be extradited to his homeland. Bitcoin-enthusiast and founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange – arrested, a journalist facing the death penalty or 35 years in prison. Recall that for a few days Electrum Bitcoin wallet servers have been under the DoS hacker attack, having stolen millions of dollars.

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