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Swiss Crypto-Valley. Five-star hotels and a network of car dealerships accept BTC and ETH

Five-star hotel and a network of car dealerships. In the Swiss Crypto-Valley you can pay with BTC and ETH
Five-star hotel and a network of car dealerships. In the Swiss Crypto-Valley you can pay with BTC and ETH

In the Swiss Crypto-Valley, the city of Zug, they will start accepting payments in Bitcoins and Ethers. Digital payments were introduced to the Dolder five-star hotel and the Kessel car dealership network. In addition, the service will be available in Italy, at Kessel car dealership points.

The service of crypto-payments will be available from May this year. Payment at BTC and ETH was realized thanks to the Inacta Swiss startup, which developed a special mobile application for Inapay payment.

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BTC and ETH in hotels and car dealerships in Switzerland

According to the information, the crypto-payments will be made through the Inapay application, which was previously developed by the Inacta blockchain-startup on the Bity crypto-platform.

Lucas Betschart, head of cryptocurrency assets technology at Inacta and president of Bitcoin Association Switzerland the industrial group quoted the news on his Twitter account.

"It has never been so easy to accept Bitcoins – now it is possible with "inapay". Buy luxury cars in Kessel and pay for your stay at @ DolderNews with Bitcoins from May 1st!"  Lucas Betschart, quoting Inacta.

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In the Swiss Crypto-Valley, five-star hotels and car dealerships accept BTC and ETH. Recall that Crypto-Valley began to actively develop. The first noticeable breakthroughs were noticed after the authorities legalized cryptocurrency regulation and enabled start-ups to develop. Now, the city of Zug (Switzerland) is considered the crypto-capital of the country and is informally called Crypto-Valley. Our agency has already written about a Swiss watch with a built-in crypto-wallet and a crypto-distribution banking system.

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Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum for people!

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