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$ 5,000 for an old Bitcoin wallet. Digital antiques or personal gain?

Antique Bitcoin Wallet for $ 5000
Antique Bitcoin Wallet for $ 5000

On March 25, a rather strange announcement about buying old Bitcoin wallets appeared in several crypto-forums. Anonymous buys empty vaults of 2008-2010.

Digital antiques are bought on Reddit and the BitcoinTalk crypto-forum. An unknown author has published an advertisement for the purchase of three old Bitcoin wallets for $ 5,000 each. Users suspect that the scandalous pseudo-Satoshi Craig Wright may be the anonymous author.

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Old Bitcoin wallets for $ 5000

The first announcement appeared yesterday morning on BitcoinTalk. The author writes that he will buy three old Bitcoin wallets, the creation time is 2008 and 2010. In this ad, there are also other strange characteristics for storage.

For example, the buyer indicates that the wallet after its creation should have at least 300 BTC in the account. Wallets are accepted in wallet.dat format or in private key transfer.

"Requirements: coins mined into the account from 2008 to 2010 (inclusive); at least 300 Bitcoins were credited; (...) Wallet must be empty at the moment; I will accept in wallet.dat format or by transferring private keys; Buy three wallets that meet the above requirements (...)"

The following announcement appeared on Reddit, but not from the author, but from ordinary users who were interested in the strange purchase of "digital antiques".

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Some even suggested that Craig Wright could be an anonymous author, who needs proof to prove some patents, and that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2008, Bitcoin was not yet widely available, and the network was only tested by friends and relatives of Nakamoto.

By the way, an anonymous buyer did not indicate his nickname on the forum or was not registered on it until the time of purchase. The message was signed by the user account "Wallet Buyer", which no one had ever met with the chat guests before. Alistair Milne (investment director of the Altana Digital Currency Fund) also responded to the message.

5000 dollars for an old Bitcoin wallet. Is it just digital antiques or someone's personal gain? At the moment, the situation is actively discussed in several crypto-communities. And many crypto-enthusiasts are confident that "antique" wallets may be needed solely as proof of their involvement in the creation of the crypto-sphere. And the most suitable character for the role of the user "Wallet Buyer" is Craig Wright.

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