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155 patents: Craig Wright continues to shock the crypto-community

Craig Wright – 155 patents for cryptocurrencies and blockchain
Craig Wright – 155 patents for cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Two news stories about the comic character Craig Wright appeared on the network, who have claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin for several years already. This week, Wright filed several patent applications, including smart-contracts and several cryptocurrencies. After his "patent trolling" was ridiculed on the net, Craig Wright deleted his Twitter account.

Craig Wright is a senior research fellow at nChain. It has long been no secret that Wright is trying in every possible way to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. After the mysterious inventor was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2016, Wright’s attempts to prove their involvement in the creation of cryptocurrencies became more frequent.

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155 patent applications for crypto and blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
from Craig Wright

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which The Next Web refers to in its material, over the past 19 months, Wright has filed 155 applications for patents on the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and even smart-contracts.

On the network, this information was immediately ridiculed. The representative of the Blockchain Intellectual Property Council at the US Chamber of Digital Commerce, Mark Kaufman, called Wright's actions "Trolling." According to him, it’s not even the desire to gain fame and recognition, but the resale of patents to companies and firms. Historically, many modern developers and researchers have long ceased to patent their inventions at the official level.

Craig Wright, who is the representative of the "old school" decided to take advantage of this loophole to get ownership at the legal level. Of course, in most cases he was denied patenting just as he was refused to admit that he was Satoshi Nakamoto.

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"If (and only if) patents are approved, it will mean that Craig has a monopoly on the use, production and distribution of the patented idea, which potentially puts a lot in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry at risk" – The Next Web.

Speaking about Wright's patents, according to the publication of applications on WIPO, there are already 114 applications for blockchain patents, 6 applications for the right to create individual cryptocurrencies, 35 applications that mention smart-contracts, decentralization of the economy and payment cryptosystems.


Self-proclaimed Satoshi Twitter

When yesterday, March 19th, information appeared on the network about Wright's colossal patents, many began to actively respond and criticize the nChain employee. Prior to this, Craig Wright was already famous for the habit of blocking users who did not like him or were distinguished by critical statements. Today, March 20, Wright has completely deleted his account from Twitter.

It is assumed that Craig could not stand the criticism and ridicule of users who started one after another appears in his profile. Although many hope (or joke) that Wright decided to forget his "Nakamoto" past.

The 155 patents and the way Craig Wright continues to shock the crypto-community has caused a lot of judgment among users. Some even started calling Wright mentally ill.

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