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20/08/19 16:00 UTC±0
OtherAmerican bank patented a cryptocurrency wallet

American Bank patented a cryptocurrency wallet

​It became known that the US Patent and Trademark Office released a new patent application for cryptocurrencies last week. Bank of America, one of the largest financial institutions in the country, has patented its own wallet for storing cryptocurrency.

19/08/19 12:00 UTC±0
OtherBitcoin will be stored on mobile TronWallet

Bitcoins can be stored on the mobile TronWallet

Today, on August 19, TronWallet announced the soon-to-be service for Bitcoin in the mobile wallet version. According to a Twitter post, customers will soon be able to store the first cryptocurrency in Tron's wallets.

13/08/19 11:00 UTC±0
OtherEnergy in the USA can be improved on the blockchain

USA: energy sector can be improved with blockchain

In a report dated August 9, the US Congressional Research Service reported that according to the results of the study, blockchain technology can make the country's energy sector more transparent and convenient for consumers.

13/08/19 10:00 UTC±0
OtherNew crypto-wallet has been released for Apple Macintosh

A new cryptocurrency wallet for Apple Macintosh has been released

Yesterday, August 12, the Trust Wallet development team announced the completion of the development version for the Macintosh operating system. According to a tweet on, in the near future, the cryptocurrency repository will become available in the desktop format for Apple products.

12/08/19 16:44 UTC±0
OtherCryptocurrencies have been legalized in New Zealand

Cryptocurrencies are legalized in New Zealand

​New Zealand has ruled that cryptocurrency income is legal. On this occasion, the local tax authorities provided recommendations on how exactly crypto-income should be taxed.