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400,000 miners from Ebang: the company announced plans for 2019

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equipment manufacturing company, Ebang, announced a new development strategy. According to the information in the financial report of the company, Ebang intend to release more than 400 thousand new Asics and mining devices.

Most recently, the Chinese mining giant announced a decrease in the company's profitability. In its report to the Hong Kong stock-exchange, Ebang published a report for the third and fourth financial quarters, which stated that "revenue fell substantially." As part of the expansion of activities and support of the new business plan, Ebang decided to improve mining equipment and increase its production.

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Ebang mining equipment

Representatives of the Ebang company said that they are going to release at least 400 thousand miners. They called this figure "optimal for stabilizing the company's work". According to the new business plan, Ebang may eventually release even more computing equipment, subject to a positive market trend.

Recall that today the manufacturer controls more than 10% of the global market for computing crypto-technology. According to the report for the Hong Kong stock-exchange, about 300 thousand miners from Ebang were issued in the past six months, while only 160 thousand were officially sold. There is no data about the sale for the whole 2018 year. Although the company has already several times informed its investors about a decrease in profits of about three times compared with 2017.

"For three months, from June to September of last year, we observed a sharp decline in the company's profitability, gross revenues and sales compared to previous quarters"

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Ebang announced plans for 2019 – 400,000 miners. Recall that Ebang has long been considering the possibility of an IPO on the Hong Kong stock-exchange. In December of this year, the company updated its application for the second time.

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