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McAfee Research: The number of hidden mining viruses has grown by 4000%.

McAfee discovered that the number of hidden mining programs increased by 4000%.
McAfee discovered that the number of hidden mining programs increased by 4000%.

According to a McAfee study, this year the number of malware and hidden miningMining
– is a type of activity for creating new blocks in the Blockchain to ensure proper system operation. Details
software increased by more than 4,000%, as reported by the CoinDesk news agency.

In its report for December 2018, the American cyber security company stated that in the third quarter of 2018 alone, about four million new malicious mining programs were registered.

Compared to 2017 and 2016, when the maximum number of infection rates of computing equipment was less than 500,000.


Hidden mining and malware

The study showed that the number of malware crypto miners increased by almost 55 percent in the third quarter of 2018. Regarding the total number of malicious programs, it has grown by 4,467 percent over the past four quarters.

"Many of the computer scammers are switching to a more profitable business model: crypto mining" – from the McAfee report.

The McAfee report also says that cybercriminals are increasingly paying attention to the use of IoT devices for crypto mining. The number of new malicious programs targeting these devices has increased by 72%, while the total number of malicious programs targeting IoT has increased by 203% in the last four quarters.

Remco Verhoef, security researcher at McAfee: "We usually do not think of using routers or IoT devices, such as IP cameras or video recorders, as crypto miners, because their processors are not as powerful as desktop and laptop computers. However, due to the lack of proper security measures, cybercriminals can benefit from an increase in the number of infected equipment. If they can control thousands of devices that crypt coins for a long time, they can still make money."

Remco Verhoef also said that McAfee discovered a threat for MacOS called OSX Dummy. Hidden application for mining is distributed in online groups and chat rooms associated with cryptocurrency. Malicious software triggers when users download software to fix "cryptographic problems".

The McAfee study showed that the number of hidden mining viruses increased by 4000%. At the same time, another study conducted by software company Citrix showed that in August of this year almost 60% of British companies suffered from malware for mining cryptocurrency.

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