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Bitman will release updates for Overt AsicBoost firmware

Bitman will release updates for Overt AsicBoost firmware
Bitman will release updates for Overt AsicBoost firmware

The Chinese manufacturer of Bitman mining-equipment has confirmed that it will release an update for the Overt AsicBoost firmware.

On Monday, October 22, 2018, the Bitman Chinese company confirmed the decision to release firmware for Overt AsicBoost for all models of Antminer Asics. The company posted a message on this on its official blog –

As it is known, Bitman owns the Bitcoin miningMining
– is a type of activity for creating new blocks in the Blockchain to ensure proper system operation. Details
monopoly through subsidiary poolsPools
– the union of miners in groups for the extraction of cryptocurrency. Details
and Antpool. But the company is much better known as a manufacturer of mining technology. In the update message, it is stated that the release will begin with the latest version of the Antminer S9 product. For earlier versions, the update will be distributed only next week.

"The Overt AsicBoost firmware is related to the method of increasing efficiency for Antminers, but it does not create any negative impact on the Bitcoin protocol. (...) At first, we decided not to activate this mathematical function for mining, mainly due to the legal uncertainty associated with the use of AsicBoost (...) We did not want to violate patent laws " – from a post on blog.bitmain.

Recall that Bitmain had a lot of bad reviews. Since 2017, experts have actively criticized AsicBoost. In turn, the developers of Bitcoin Core, expressed concerns that increasing the efficiency of using the protocol could ultimately destabilize the Bitcoin network.

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20/02/19 07:28 UTC-4

Mining: Hashflare service failure

​On the morning of February 20, the site of the Hashflare service stopped responding and resumed work only for the dinner of the same day. Reasons for missing access to the site are not yet known.

19/02/19 06:00 UTC-4

Difficult times for Bitmain: new loss information

​Representatives of the Bitmain cryptocurrency company reported that in the third quarter of 2018 they lost more than $ 500 million due to the fall in the crypto-market and active sales of digital assets, as reported by Coin Desk.

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