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The manufacturer of mining equipment received $13 million in revenue

MiningThe manufacturer of mining equipment received $13 million
The manufacturer of mining equipment received $13 million

Canaan Creative miningMining
– is a type of activity for creating new blocks in the Blockchain to ensure proper system operation. Details
equipment manufacturer has filed a public offering (IPO) request. The amount of revenue for the third quarter was $13 million, which the company announced in a bid.  


Canaan Creative's profit is up 40%

Canaan Creative is called the world's second largest producer of cryptocurrency mining plants. The income of the organization grew by 40%, if we compare the results of last year.

To increase the company's profit helped the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate. Miners got motivated, and the demand for producer products increased. The organization is actively marketing the Avalon 8 Series. A total of 265,756 mining devices have been sold. The manufacturer does not plan to be limited by the number of sales: by 2020, the company is going to sell $1 million of cryptocurrency mining devices.  

Canaan Creative is applying for an IPO for the third time: the last two applications have been rejected.

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05/08/19 05:16 UTC-5

The mined cryptocurrency can now be displayed on the Coinbase exchange

​NiceHash cryptocurrency mining service announced the opening of ways to transfer cryptocurrency directly to the Coinbase crypto-exchange. According to the information, now users of cloud mining will be able to exchange the received coins without using a personal wallet.

31/10/19 05:00 UTC-5

247Solar offers solar energy for the mining industry

247Solar began work on the sale of concentrated solar power (CSP) technology for the global mining industry through ROST International Trading Limited, which announced the news on October 30th.