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The reward for Litecoin cryptocurrency decreases after 4 days

Litecoin cryptocurrency reward will decrease in 4 days
Litecoin cryptocurrency reward will decrease in 4 days

Halving of the first Litecoin altcoinAltcoin
– are the common name for all cryptocurrencies (except Bitcoin).Details
will happen on July 5th. According to a report by asset founder Charlie Lee, reward for miners is halved in four days.


Litecoin cryptocurrency halving

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin cryptocurrency, said that after four days, the reward for miners will be halved. The last time the LTC network was halved in 2015, and the next is scheduled for 2023. You can read more about cryptocurrency halving on our website.

"I'm announcing today that in 4 days, I will be cutting Litecoin miningMining
– is a type of activity for creating new blocks in the Blockchain to ensure proper system operation. Details
rewards in half for the first time in 4 years. This should help prevent the possibility of a cryptocurrency downturn. And I will cut it in half again in 2023!"
– Charlie Lee, Twitter.

Recall that the value of Litecoin continues to fall. Having survived a slight rise this spring, the asset was unable to reach the milestone of $ 150. At the time of writing, the digital silver rate has fallen to double digits and amounts to $ 96.6.

After 4 days, the reward for Litecoin cryptocurrency miners will decrease. Recall that on July 30, the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange announced the drawing of a free Litecoin cryptocurrency, which can be won by solving the treasure map of the platform. 

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05/08/19 06:16 UTC-4

The mined cryptocurrency can now be displayed on the Coinbase exchange

​NiceHash cryptocurrency mining service announced the opening of ways to transfer cryptocurrency directly to the Coinbase crypto-exchange. According to the information, now users of cloud mining will be able to exchange the received coins without using a personal wallet.

03/07/19 07:00 UTC-4

Argo Blockchain: mining profitability increased by 24%

​Yesterday, July 2, a mining company from Britain, Argo Blockchain, published a report for the second fiscal quarter of 2019. According to the report, the profitability from the acquisition of cryptocurrency increased by 24% in just one month.

26/06/19 06:32 UTC-4

In California, they will mine cryptocurrencies on solar energy

​On June 25, representatives of the Plouton Group Holding subsidiary, Plouton Mining, announced that they intend to build the largest mining farm in America. The vital activity of the enterprise will be provided by solar energy, which will be supplied from the Mojave Desert.

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