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Iran creates new energy tariffs for crypto-mining

Iran introduces new mining tariffs
Iran introduces new mining tariffs

Iran has made a final decision on its tariffs for cryptocurrency miningMining
– is a type of activity for creating new blocks in the Blockchain to ensure proper system operation. Details
. The Financial Tribune reports that the pricing scheme is currently awaiting final approval by the Cabinet.


New tariffs for mining cryptocurrency in Iran

Energy prices in Iran are very cheap, the cost of 1 kWh is about $ 0.05, and recently there have been reports that Chinese miners used this for BTC mining.

The official representative of the Ministry of Energy, Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, previously stated that mining 1 BTC costs about $ 1,400 in subsidies.

In the past month, Iranian official regulators considered the possibility of crypto-mining after a power surge at the end of June led to the authorities seizing about a thousand Bitcoins (BTC). The possibility of a ban on crypto-mining was considered by the Central Bank of Iran.

Currently, the country will allow mining to continue, but the authorities will raise energy prices in orderOrder
– automatic application to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Orders are used during trading on the stock exchange to open and close a position. Details
to limit the impact of this practice on the national power grid.

Iranian government raises prices for mining cryptocurrency. Recall, on July 15, the police of Jiangsu Province (China) confiscated about 4,000 mining devices and arrested more than 20 people. The reason for this was the massive theft of electricity in the amount equivalent to $ 3 million. What is mining?

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05/08/19 06:16 UTC-4

The mined cryptocurrency can now be displayed on the Coinbase exchange

​NiceHash cryptocurrency mining service announced the opening of ways to transfer cryptocurrency directly to the Coinbase crypto-exchange. According to the information, now users of cloud mining will be able to exchange the received coins without using a personal wallet.

03/07/19 07:00 UTC-4

Argo Blockchain: mining profitability increased by 24%

​Yesterday, July 2, a mining company from Britain, Argo Blockchain, published a report for the second fiscal quarter of 2019. According to the report, the profitability from the acquisition of cryptocurrency increased by 24% in just one month.

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