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Investor Opinion: today's miners' earnings are less than those of McDonalds employees

On May 30, a well-known online investor and analyst Kevin Rooke said that crypto-currency miners earn less than McDonalds employees due to the low exchange rate. The statement appeared in connection with the growth of Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency, which in fact did not bring any significant benefits to the miners.


– is a type of activity for creating new blocks in the Blockchain to ensure proper system operation. Details
and salary in McDonalds: which is more profitable

According to Kevin Rooke, the average miner of Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency earns one American dollar less per day than an ordinary employee of the catering McDonalds network. As was indicated by the Rooke, Bitcoin SV miners, even during the price maximum of the course, earn about 57 dollars a day. In this case, the payment of the eight-hour shift at McDonalds is $ 58.

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Kevin Rooke's message was about the hype caused by the rapid growth of Bitcoin SV by more than 100%. According to the analyst and the investor, even with such a growth rate as yesterday ($ 242), earnings and the importance of mining this asset are too overvalued.

"Yesterday, Bitcoin SV miners earned $ 57.41 in transfer and extraction fees. Jobs for the minimum wage at McDonalds are $ 58 per 8-hour shift." – Kevin Rooke, Twitter.

Available about the complicated: the appreciation of Bitcoin SV did not affect the profits for miners. Analytics show that the cost of all transfers on the cryptocurrency network per day is less than the salary in the catering. At the same time, netizens have confirmed that today this is a typical situation for all cryptocurrencies.

The investor said that the earnings of today's miners are lower than those of McDonalds employees. Recall that in April of this year, Lukashenko said that he was going to mine Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at the "state level".

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