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22/02/19 06:00 UTC-4
ICO, ІРО, STOContracts with Telegram Open Network investors can be terminated

Telegram Open Network: contracts with investors may be terminated

​The Token Gram and the TON (Telegram Open Network) platform must be launched before October 31, 2019, otherwise all agreements with ICO investors will be terminated. The document, which was compiled on behalf of Pavel Durov, marks the deadlines for the full launch of the Telegram Open Network blockchain platform and the Gram token.

05/12/18 04:00 UTC-4
ICO, ІРО, STOSTO supported in Thailand

STO, or how Thai authorities support cryptocurrency

​The Thai cryptocurrency exchanger, Satang Corp., plans to raise about $ 10 million in investment in support of STO (security token offering) (link), despite the recent market crisis, according to information published on December 4 in the Asian Nikkei review.