14/06/19 06:19 UTC-4

Binance DEX announces the first IEO exchange on the Raven protocol

First IEO on Binance DEX
First IEO on Binance DEX

On June 14, it became known: after the success of the Initial Exchange Offers (IEO) on the Binance Exchange, the decentralized Binance Exchange DEX will publish its first IEO at the end of this month – Medium.


First Binance DEX IEO

Raven Protocol will be the first project running on the Binance DEX launcher. The Raven protocol (RAVEN) will be included in the Binance DEX list on June 17th and is open for trade at 9:00 UTC.

RAVEN announced that this will be the first project in which IEO will be launched on Binance DEX.

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"This is something that has never happened before. We literally pave the way and create new opportunities. If successful, this can be a serious example of how projects at an early stage can move from an idea to an expansion of a crypto-system. We want you to be part of this movement!" – Raven.

Although most people know little about RAVEN, this could be the beginning of a new successful IEO platform.

Binance DEX Exchange: the first exchange IEO on Raven protocol. RAVEN also commented on the fact that all 11 Binance Chain validators voted in favor of inclusion in the Raven protocol. Binance says nothing about the work of IEO on their decentralized exchange, the future is expected to receive additional information on this issue. Recall, Binance DEX, entered the top 100 cryptocurrency exchanges with a tradingTrading
– is an economic term that means the process of independent trade, independent analysis of the market and the conclusion of trade transactions.Details
volume of more than 11.5 million dollars.

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12/06/19 04:10 UTC-4

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05/06/19 05:49 UTC-4

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02/04/19 06:00 UTC-4

100 Bitcoins in 2 minutes. How was IEO Paytomat on EXMO

Yesterday, April 1st, the first Eastern European IEO was successfully held. The Paytomat project attracted 100 Bitcoin investments in just two minutes. Tokensale took place on the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange

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