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100 Bitcoins in 2 minutes. How was IEO Paytomat on EXMO

 IEO Paytomat on EXMO collected 100 Bitcoins in 2 minutes
IEO Paytomat on EXMO collected 100 Bitcoins in 2 minutes

Yesterday, April 1st, the first Eastern European IEO was successfully held. The Paytomat project attracted 100 Bitcoin investments in just two minutes. Tokensale took place on the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange.

About the sale of tokens and such a short duration of tokensail representatives of the project told in their Twitter. Recall that Paytomat is an Estonian payment platform that supports more than 20 cryptocurrencies. According to the information on the site, the project is used by more than 300 outlets.

First IEO on EXMO

IEO Paytomat successfully completed on the EXMO platform 
Earlier, representatives of the project said they intend to attract about 100 Bitcoins investment. According to the project tweet, they managed to do it in just two minutes. No comments from traders and investors. Representatives of the EXMO exchange also did not tell about the details of the held tokensale.

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“PTI TokenToken
– is an accounting unit that is used to represent a digital balance in an asset.Details
sold out in 2 minutes on EXMO !!!”
 – XMO, Twitter

Paytomat team managed to attract the previously announced amount. In conversion to the US dollar (at the current rate), the Estonian platform received about $ 467,231. As part of the last sale on EXMO, 85 million PTI were sold. The cost of each token was equal to 0.00000117 BTC.

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100 BTC in two minutes - these results were shown by IEO Paytomat on EXMO. Recall that the coin can be exchanged for the fourth of April. According to the listing information, Paytomat coins will be exchanged in pairs with Bitcoin, EOS and the digital dollar. In addition, IEO tokensales have also been added by ProBit, Huobi and Binance exchanges.

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29/03/19 09:00 UTC-4

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