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07/02/19 11:47 UTC-5

Investment companies launch joint ETF blockchain project

AdvisorShares, a US-based investment management firm, and Sabertooth Advisors, an investment consulting company, will jointly launch an ETF that tracks technology companies associated with the blockchainBlockchain
is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain, copies of related blocks are simultaneously stored on multiple computers.Details
, – marketWatch reported on February 6th.

ETFs are marketable securities that track a basket of assets, proportionally represented in fund stocks. ETFs are offered for all asset classes, including traditional investments and alternative assets.

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AdvisorShares Sabretooth ETF (BKCH)

The idea of ​​a joint project of investment companies – AdvisorShares Sabertooth ETF, which is to enter the market on February 7, is that enterprises deploying cloud computing and associated with new technologies, such as the blockchain, can achieve increased profitability and a rise in stock prices within reasonable limits. term.

Most see the emergence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain ETFs, among other derivatives, as a sign that these markets are developing.

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In February 2018, Canadian regulators approved the first blockchain-based ETF in the country, targeting both large and small blockchain corporations. By that time, the Harvest portfolio for issuers of ETFs already had its own index of Harvest Blockchain Technologies, which was designed to track the work of issuers in both large-cap segments and developing blockchain segments.

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21/02/19 11:56 UTC-5

Crypto to Fiat without verification, or MyEtherWallet new features

​MyEtherWallet cryptocurrency wallet presented a new service for instant conversion of crypto to fiat without a verification process. The innovation was announced on February 20 on the official blog of the wallet and on the representative page in Medium.

20/02/19 11:20 UTC-5

Bitcoin-ETF – SEC has 45 days to make a decision

​For the SEC, a countdown has begun. Commissioners must make a final decision about Bitcoin-ETF in the next 45 days. The US Securities and Exchange Commission must decide on the status of BTC-ETF for three companies by April 5 of this year.

Hypes, funds, fiat money